How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Yourself

Wikipedia undoubtedly is a primary source of information but side by side it has successfully proved itself to be a powerful marketing platform. People nowadays are using Wikipedia page for their business as a tool for gaining higher ranks. Being a trusted platform, Wikipedia has established itself since past two decades and is recognized among the world’s top website on the internet.

As its credibility has no question people create a Wikipedia page for their business, for themselves, or for their website in order to gain top ranks on search engine results and thereby gain recognition among a massive audience. There are many aspects where people face confusion when it comes to how to create a Wikipedia page for one’s self.

If you need assistance in where to begin, is it worthy of creating a Wikipedia page, and questions like these. If you are also one of them, go through the complete read to have answers to the questions jumping in your mind!

Can I Create Wikipedia Page For Myself?

If you are thinking of creating a Wikipedia page for yourself, then be mindful that you can’t create or edit a page about yourself as it will raise the conflict of interest. But yes, there is one thing you can do; you can enlist yourself in Wikipedia’s repository of articles that are looking for creators. As you can’t write a page for yourself, you may prepare bibliography and images making it easier for someone else to write about you. You will further read some tips to have your Wikipedia page written by an editor.

Have You Ensured Your Notability?

It is the primary aspect before you decide to create a Wikipedia page for yourself. Wikipedia page is created following multiple guidelines and policies and in this regard there are notability guidelines provided by Wikipedia page itself. According to the notability guideline, you can create a Wikipedia page only if you are notable enough. Now what does that mean? Well, just scroll through the following pointsː

  • If you’ve done something remarkable
  • If you are worthy of the notice
  • If your achievements is interesting, significant or unusual
  • If your accomplishments is worthy of attention or needs recording.

These were just the notability guidelines. The content creation policies are another chapter. If you fit in the notability criteria then you can think of creating a Wikipedia page for yourself.

Can Anyone Write A Wikipedia Page?

This is yet another crucial aspect to ponder while planning to write a Wikipedia page. If you think you can write the Wikipedia page yourself, be mindful that writing one is not a cakewalk. Following the guidelines especially for the content is not everyone can do well. Therefore, to fruitfully accomplish this task, people approach Wikipedia writers. These writers are highly experienced and therefore they could write your page efficiently with negligible chances of being rejected. You may even consult various Wikipedia page writing services where you can get an entire help in your writing, editing, and publishing needs.

What Are The Guidelines For Content Appearing On Wikipedia?

As said before, the Wikipedia page creation is no less than a hassle task. On needs to stick to the rules for the content appearing on the Wikipedia page. In this regard make sure you follow the guidelines written belowː

  • The topic you write should be notable and the content must be obtained from the good independent sources.
  • The content tone should not be promotional in any way. Be mindful that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and is a source of information for people. Its tone must be neutral.
  • Make sure your page is knowledgeable and is helpful for people. If not, it will be deleted by the editors on Wikipedia.

Have You Written On As Many Places As Possible?

As you are counted among the notable people, make sure that your work is researched from reliable, multiple and independent secondary sources. As Wikipedia use its credibility and content from external editorial bodies, therefore availability of considerable information is crucial to write a whole page about you and your accomplishments. It is necessary for you publish your credible content on reliable sources.

What Is The Use Of Red Links?

Suppose if you see any already existing article on Wikipedia referencing your work or you, then you could make use of this situation as well. Go into such page and give your name a red link so that people could know your biography is missing and should be written on Wikipedia. Editors will then assess whether there is a need standalone page to be written or a biography in a page that already exists.

Why Should You Use Your Website To Archive Unbiased Information About You?

It quite necessary for you set up a Google alert. When someone write articles for you or regarding your work, be mindful to include its PDF and its link with its citation on a specific section in your website. Doing this, will assist your future editors to access content from various verified sources to include it in their article. Also, it is important to archive your article yourself. If not, the editor may clean the internet in order to find information of you and your work. Well, be mindful that not all of that information may please and you may not need that information to be highlighted in your article.

The Bottom Line

As you go through the whole read you might have got the answers to most of your questions. You need to be mindful that you yourself couldn’t write a Wikipedia page when the subject is you. Yes, you can write that for others but it’s crucial to stick with the guidelines and policies provided by Wikipedia otherwise your page will not get approval., it’s that simple! Don’t forget to follow the tips in order to let editors consider you and write a page for you voluntarily. If all done well you will see gaining immense recognition. Who wouldn’t love that?

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