How To Create A Wikipedia Page For A Person

How to Start a Wikipedia Page for Someone

Yet, every person knows Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia that ranks among the 7th most used and visited sites worldwide. It allows each person to fetch informative and valuable content to gain online prominence and deliver the most appropriate knowledge. Today, having a Wikipedia page becomes a buzzing trend. As it helps to gain more visibility on Google search engines.

However, creating a Wikipedia page for someone can be challenging. But, following the complete page creation guidelines and criteria surely helps to evaluate your page creation process properly. If you are wondering about how to create a Wikipedia page for someone and what factors need to follow for a Wikipedia page, don’t need to worry. Let’s dive into the ins and out of your Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia does not endorse itself as a marketing platform, but its role in the digital world is undeniable. It is one of the most dominant platforms when it comes to SEO ranking. Every time you search for any topic on Google, Wikipedia always appears on the top searches.

These days the idea of making Wikipedia page showing prominent among the search engine rankings. But, do you think it is easy as it sounds? Surely not until you do not have an understanding of Wikipedia page creation guidelines.

Steps To Follow To Make A Wikipedia Page For A Person

All of us know what exactly Wikipedia is, right? So, this is the largest encyclopedia that is “acting as a free widely accessible encyclopedia.” It also stated itself “it is not soapbox or means of promotion” which means Wikipedia does not accept any kind of advocacy, propaganda, and recruitment.

So, if you planned to use this encyclopedia to create a Wikipedia article about a person, without further ado, start your page creation process.

For ease of page creation, the whole process is divided into two steps;

  • Phase one – The Account creation process
  • Phase two – Article creation process

Phase One – The account creation process

1.      Create an Account

To start the process of how to make a Wikipedia page about someone, the very first step for page creation is account creation which leads you towards the page creation step. All great things need some time to process. So, for your Wikipedia page, you need to learn how to create your account on Wikipedia.

Just follow the steps discussed below;

  • ­Open org on your browser
  • ­Pick your language (usually English)
  • ­Choose create account option at the right corner of your screens
  • ­Click it to open up an account registration form
  • ­Make sure you add appropriate information
  • ­Must add an email address to get the confirmation link
  • ­Add username and strong password to log in

The registering account gives you the power to create an article on the Wikipedia page. It will give you the accessibility to share information, do content editing, and publish your articles on Wikipedia. Moreover, creating an account gives you the feasibility to communicate with other editors easily.

2.      Do some relevant edits

To show your credibility, it is necessary to do some edits in order to build your reputation and relevancy. Doing authentic edits on the pages that requires serious changes helps to prove yourself authentic. Make sure you add proper citations and links from the most reliable resources such as journals, books, etc.

Bear in mind, if you failed to do perform proper sourcing, it surely ruined your credibility and develop a negative reputation. Authentic edits give more chances to get an approved Wikipedia page for a person.

Phase two – Article creation process

3.      Check out page creation guidelines

Wikipedia sets core content creation and notability guidelines. To create a Wikipedia page for a person, it is necessary to check out the person’s history, academic life, social records, and each important aspect of their life. The standards set by Wikipedia helps to create the notable article that accepts by wiki authorities easily. To start a Wikipedia page for someone, overviewing Wikipedia guidelines gives an understanding of content creation.

Wikipedia strictly prohibits original research and promotional tone content. So, make sure you read each policy and guideline set by Wikipedia. Also, considered the behavioral guidelinesediting guidelinesstyle guidelines, and many others to avoid the conflict of interest.

4.      Start Creating Your Article

Once you have an in-depth understanding of guidelines, you are able to create powerful, captivating, and appealing content to engage readers. As mentioned above, Wikipedia pages always ask for unique content and topic. Bear in mind, Wikipedia takes action against copied and plagiarized content. At the time of content creation, you need to be careful while choosing your title.

For this, Wikipedia gives you the feasibility to check your title for the red link. When you open up the Wikipedia home page, you can see the search bar that leads you towards the new screen where you mentioned your title name to find out is it present or not. If the suggested title appears in the blue color that gives a sign that your article is present on Wikipedia. If it shows in red color that means, you are ready to go with it.

Ask for the page to be created

Once you are done with topic confirmation, the last step is to click on the ‘ask for the page to be created. This will direct you towards the Article wizard and Sandbox option.

Ask for the page to be created

After clicking on the option, the new page articles for creation appeared on the screen. Here you read the process to design your article


You can create your draft; this is the place where new articles might create. However, they allow editors to create new articles and also receive feedback before moving to Wikipedia’s mainspace.


Write Article on Article Wizard

If you do not create your first draft, then you can click on the create an article option on Article Wizard or Sandbox. Article Wizard allows you to create your article perfectly, or even do some writing practice on Sandbox. If you are willing to do some writing practice, then do it. Otherwise, you can directly write it.

5.      Writing Style

It is another most crucial part of your Wikipedia page creation. You need to keep your content interactive and fresh. Make sure your content must be well-formatted and structured according to Wikipedia policies. You have to compose your content in indulging tone, proper sentences, free from grammar errors. Keep in mind that positioning your information in an appropriate way adds essence to your Wikipedia page.

6.      Add Authentic references

Once you are done with all the above concerns, then you surely start a Wikipedia page for a person. So, the other thing you need to keep in your mind is to add references to your content. It is the last nail in the coffin that needs to be structured more carefully. To hit the last nail, you need to index the right references in your content.

To make your information more credible, adding authentic hyperlinks is an integral part of your content. You can follow the Wikipedia formatting and referencing style to get high-quality content.

You can check the different styles of citations;

  1. Full citation – This citation identifies reliable resources.
  2. Incline citations – It occurs in the form of a footnote.
  3. Short citation – Type of incline citation that refers where specific information can be found.
  4. In-text attribution – includes adding the resource of any statement of the article text such as quotations.
  5. General references – A citation that supports content but it is not linked with any specific piece of information.

7.      Review your content

This now the time to proofread your content on your own. Check each and everything in your content to make sure that your content is free from any irrelevant information. Ensure that each information must cited with the credible resources, free from any original content, no promotional or biased content is added. Wikipedia always works on credibility and notability. Make sure your content is real and authentic.

8.      Submit your page for review

Now, this is the showtime. At once you checked your content wisely, submit your page to Wikipedia authorities. Page submission is the most important part, where wiki authorities are checked out is your page follow complete Wikipedia page creation guidelines.

9.      Be patient for approval

After wiki page submission to its authorities, you have to wait for almost 4 to 6 months. The process is quite longer, you don’t need to panic. If your content needs minor changes, then they send you an email with right suggestions. Once you verified for Wikipedia page, you can publish it.

Tips To Qualify For A Wikipedia A Wikipedia Page

Here are some aspects that are crucial to know for Wikipedia page qualification.

  • Checking Out The Availability Of Your Topic
  • Never Use Existing Data
  • Write Drafts To Polish Yourself
  • Create User-Friendly Content
  • Be Patient & Active

Mistakes To Avoid For Wikipedia Page

The major elements that need to avoid when writing your Wikipedia page for a person.

–  Advertising

Never try to advertise your content. Make sure your content must free from external links of the commercial sites. Be careful that your content must written from a neutral pointy of view. Conduct through research to find reliable references that are independent from subject.

–  Attacks on a person

Information that violates the Wikipedia policy and try to threaten and harass another entity is highly prohibited. Unsourced any kind of negative information usually in articles. Quickly removed it because attach page might delete instantly.

–  Coverage of non-notable topics

Sometimes people add pages to Wikipedia without analyzing whether the topic they covered is really notable to publish on the world largest encyclopedia. Wikipedia guideline and policies offers wide range of at articles creation criteria. However, they do not permit every information to be added on Wikipedia. So, please do consider the topic you choose for your Wikipedia page, is that notable to create on Wikipedia.

–  Avoid original research

Wikipedia never accept the content that contain first knowledge. It does not accept any content that contains information from the original resource. The reason is sometimes people added false and fake information that badly effects Wikipedia policies. So, make sure your content must contain information that is citied from books, journal, and other authentic resource.

Things Too Careful About For Wikipedia Page

The other things that are the most important factor that should consider for your Wikipedia page mentioned below;

*  Never Copy-Paste

Never try to copy paste the text in your Wikipedia article unless is the short quotation. Make sure it is cited with the incline citation.

*  Perform Good Research

Constructing article with trusted reference are better than anything else. Make sure your article must follow the Wikipedia Verifiable policies.

*  Avoid controversial material

Do not write articles that might advocate the one viewpoint related to religion, politics, and anything else. Understanding of neutral point of view helps to cover this problem efficiently.


  • Is Wikipedia page add authenticity to your existence?

The answer is yes, Wikipedia page surely add authenticity and worth to your existence. As it follows the strict page creation guidelines. Either you want to create a Wikipedia for a person or anyone else.

  • How to start a Wikipedia page for someone?

Creating a Wikipedia page for someone is challenging, but make sure you have a grip on Wikipedia page creation methods such as; doing research, adding references, following unique approaches, knowing your aim, avoiding promotional content, etc.

  • How long does it take to get your Wikipedia approved?

There thousands of pages are on request for page approval. This process takes times of minimum of 4 to a maximum of 6 months. Most probably, it will not exceed more than six months.

  • What are the Wikipedia page creation guidelines?

If you are tempting about what to write on Wikipedia page for someone, then you keep these things in mind; it must be informative, notable, and relevant.

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