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Do Wiki Contributors ensure that the page created with them will get official approval and last after publication?

Wiki Contributors definitely grantee the approval of the content that we apply for publication on Wikipedia. We ensure that all the rules are followed according to the official policies and leave no loopholes that can cause trouble. Even though we take all the necessary parameters that would ensure the approval, we understand that there remains a tiny bit of possibility that a piece of submitted content or edits to a particular page would not be published. In such scenarios, we edit the content and resubmit it to the official Wikipedia editors. In the case of a second rejection, we offer a full refund to our clients.

Are there any subjects that cannot be published on Wikipedia no matter what?

Yes. There are a number of subjects that are not allowed to be published on Wikipedia. The site is an encyclopedia that refrains from advertising any products and does not permit businesses to market their products in any way. Products can have a Wikipedia page but the content should be based on facts, and there should be valid references to support them. No figurative language or original ideas are acceptable on the platform.

What happens if someone edits a published article on Wikipedia? Is it a possibility?

Yes, it is possible for the visitors of a Wikipedia page to edit the information on the page. This is why we offer services for monitoring and upgrading published Wikipedia pages for the clients who opt for them. The site sends notifications to us when we are monitoring a particular page so we can check if the change is appropriate or not. We immediately edit the page if we find that the editing is not suitable for you.

Does Wiki Contributors offer a refund?

If a page that we created or edited for our client is deleted due to any reason within the 25 days of provided service, then we offer to refund the payment to the client in full. However, the refund policy does not cover the cases where the editing is minor and does not influence the page on a large scale. Moreover, tags and debates for deletion are not considered significant either.